full service yard and business

With more than 700 refits completed, WS is a leading player in the market. WS offers a wide variety of yacht refit services including Painting, Refinishing, Composite, Carpentry, Joinery, Rigging, Engineering and Machining. Thanks to a Team of skilled technicians specialised in the production of the prestigious brand Toy Marine, the level of project management and craftsmanship is extremely efficient allowing to achieve the highest level of finish. WS distinctive features are more than 30 people working directly and indirectly in the shipyard as teams of electricians, hydraulics, engineers, carpenters, composite technicians and a skilled WS internal painting team.

our facility

  • 240 Tons Travelift
  • 850 Tons Lift "Option"
  • 2000 m² outdoor area
  • 100 m mooring dock for yachts up to 70 m (230 ft)
  • 2000 m² Refit dry and heated shed
  • 50 m paint cabin
  • Paint Cabin for yacht parts
  • Compressed air equipment with a capacity of 3000 l/h
  • 32000 m³/h air extraction plant
  • Power supply sockets, linked to electrical lines up to 250 Amp
  • Lifting platforms, raising up to 9 m
  • 400 m² premises housing administration, technical offices and comfortable rooms for yacht captains
  • Workshops
  • Chandlery
  • Security & Wifi


WS can handle all types of sailing or motor yachts, including Classic & technologically advanced. Our services range from entire refits, paint jobs, replacing a teak decks or a simple antifouling. We scrupulously follow a set of protocols to control our work procedures and guarantees our results. The covered shed can be divided into distinct areas enabling us to work on different yachts simultaneously under cover. As a result no activity interferes with another and the environment is cleaner and more comfortable allowing the team to focus entirely on their work.


WS provides a high tech "Paint Cabin" that measures 55x12 m and can accommodate yachts up to 50 m in length. This is a climate-controlled facility using extractor fans, dryers and a water-filtering plant. A special floodlighting system enables to easily locate possible coating defects during the applications.


Thanks to secured berths up to 60m, WS is an ideal shipyard to perform Afloat painting projects through the installation of suspended spray tents (paint cocoon). The result will be a high quality paint job at a reduced cost. I comparison to other shipyards the price saving can be up to 35%. WS paint applications are executed by our internal Painting team with extended track record, including metallic finishes (Wally Yachts and others). At request we also allow external paint contractors.


WS is a full service yard dedicated in providing uncompromising quality to fulfill commitments with Owners and their yachts. The work is executed by a higly skilled Team, key to our growth. The 'Captains’ lounge offers a comfortable and functional environment enabling world-wide communication by Internet, phone and fax.